Photos from New Zealand and elsewhere

Crimson sunset drive in Auckland

11.08.2015 02:40

I made this music a few days ago and was looking for a video to put it together and then I remembered about this crimson sunset video I took in 2010.

Learn guitar notes and scales

14.05.2015 22:50

Learn notes and scales on the guitar fretboard, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, piano

This is an online app that I’ve made. Learn notes and scales on a guitar fretboard. You can also use it for bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and piano: Learn guitar notes and scales online.

Auckland Harbour Timelapse iPad Air 2

23.12.2014 21:43

Shot with iPad Air 2, edited in iMovie, music created in Logic Pro X.

Canon EOS 550D video from Auckland

25.06.2010 18:00

This is a video I shot recently in Queen St, Auckland. Caleb Michael Smith playing guitar. It was shot on Canon EOS 550D camera. I used Canon 50mm/1.8 lens, ISO1600, f-stop 1.8-2.2, shutter speed 1/50, 1920×1080 25fps. Sound was recorded on an external recorder Zoom H2. The shot was very spontaneous, I just went there and did it. I found 50mm is a little too long for handheld video shooting, it gets shaky. Image stabilizer would be helpful.

Lake Pupuke

05.04.2010 03:14

Sunset at Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New Zealand

North Shore is the best part of Auckland. :P Here is a peaceful Lake Pupuke and the beach is just across the road. :)


04.04.2010 00:46

Cross decorated with Paua

Thanks to Easter for 4 day weekend. The cross is very New Zealand, decorated with Paua.

Pick-A-Part Car Yard Mangere

12.01.2010 16:31

Goose at Pick-A-Part car wreck yard in Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand

Geese at Pick-A-Part car yard in Mangere, Auckland. Taken with a Nokia mobile.

Hot Chicks I Have

26.09.2009 15:16

Dark chick and the laptop
Three days old chicks.
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Dust Storm in Auckland, New Zealand

23.09.2009 18:59

Sand storm at Piha Beach New Zealand
Oh no, the sand storm from Australia reached New Zealand! In spite of that the Boobs on Bikes parade proceeded.
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Castle window

03.07.2009 23:23

Castle window in Rhine valley, Germany

Rhine valley, Germany.

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